Indag-YouthReach celebrates International Yoga Day in Reru!

On 21st June 2020, a yoga event was organised to celebrate International Yoga Day with the people of Reru village in Himachal Pradesh. The event was organised under Project Chetna–Ek Nayi Seher, a joint initiative of Indag Rubber Ltd. & YouthReach at village Reru.


Health & Wellness Camps for Truck Union in Nalagarh

We recently conducted health camps on the field where diagnostic tests were conducted for truckers and the other community members at Truck Union, Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh. More than 100 people were tested and many more were educated about lifestyle diseases through one-to-one sessions.


Nabha School fights COVID-19 with Technology

Schooling has moved from the classroom to home and the emphasis now is on delivering quality education online using new innovative methods & concepts. In this direction, Indag with Nabha Foundation has taken a step forward to help children keep up with their education and learning without risking their health. 



How to choose the right Tread Pattern for your truck/bus tyre?

Every truck/bus tyre is uniquely designed to fulfill a specific purpose.To choose the right tread rubber, we need to understand the construction of a truck/bus tyre and the factors affecting the tyre choice. Afterward, we can take the necessary steps to make the right tread choice.


Busting top 3 myths about retreading in India!

Retreading has been bombarded with many questions and certain doubts regarding its performance against new tyres. So, what about these doubts? Are they for real, or are they myths? Here we are going to bust the top 3 myths that have haunted fleet owners over the years with simple straight facts.



Indag 10-Step Retreading Process – Building India's most trusted retread

It is imperative that a fully skilled team works in a well-equipped retreading workshop, and only the highest quality, branded retreading materials are used to ensure the quality of every tyre retreaded. To promote the right retreading practices at every Indag workshop, we have introduced Indag 10-step retreading process.