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Indag Rubber Ltd is one of the first companies to revolutionize the tyre retreading industry in India with the introduction of its cold retreading technology. Ever since our inception in 1978, we have been helping fleet owners across the globe retread millions of tyres with the highest quality retreading materials, fostering their trust in tyre retreading.

ZOMA is the exquisite range of premium tread rubber for commercial tires, designed to cater to the needs of fleet owners globally. It is one of the most sought-after range of tread patterns, covering a wide variety of commercial applications and tyre sizes.

We manufacture the highest quality retreading materials with the best manufacturing processes and quality management systems in place. Our systems are well recognized and certified by world's most reputed organizations.
Reference to our certifications- SWISSCERT- ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015.

URSG- Unvulcanised
Rubber Strip Gum

The Unvulcanized Rubber Strip Gum (URSG) or cushion/bonding gum is a critical component used in the retreading process. It is used as an adhesive between the vulcanized tread (PTR) and the tyre casing which is vulcanized in the retreading process. The quality of URSG decides the strength of the bond between pre-cured tread rubber and tyre casing, low quality URSG renders weak bonds, which lead to separation between casing and PTR and results to a tyre failure. Based on different market needs we have a range of products in the URSG category- IN30, IN 40 & IN50, details are shared below-

IN 30


  • Strong bonding between casing and tread
  • Cost effective retreading
  • Protection against casing failure
  • Increases casing retreadibilty
  • Curing temperature: 99 -101 ºC
  • Curing time: 220 minutes

To be used for chamber only

IN 40


  • Strong bonding between casing and tread
  • Shorter curing time
  • Designed especially for cooler running


  • Curing temperature: 125 - 127 ºC
  • Curing time: 150 minutes


  • Curing pressure: 60 - 80 PSI
  • Curing time: 130 minutes

Recommended for chamber

IN 50


  • Shortest curing time
  • High retreading productivity
  • Sustains good bonding strength at high temperatures in service


  • Curing temperature: 120 - 125 ºC
  • Curing time: 120 minutes


  • Curing pressure: 60 - 85 PSI
  • Curing time: 90 minutes

Recommended for both chamber & bonder

USC- Universal Spray Cement

Universal Spray Cement (USC) or rubber cement is a liquid rubber compound dissolved in solvent. It is applied as an adhesive on the buffed tyre casing. Its job is to protect the buffed surface from oxidation, to prevent it from causing retread failures.


  • Quick drying
  • Provides protection to tyre buffed surface from oxidation.
  • Provide excellent green tack
  • Good cured bonding between casing and cushion


  • Ready to use- (10 - 11 % solid)
  • Ready to use- (7 - 8 % solids)
  • Radial cement- (extra bonding strength with steel wires)


INDAG Full Skirt Envelopes

An envelope is made of a thin gauge rubber sheet to cover the tyre casing before putting it in a chamber for curing in the retreading process. This is used for protecting the tyre casing from direct contact with hot air and provide uniform pressure all around on the tyre casing. We at Indag, along with our R&D Team have successfully developed envelopes that provide the lowest Cost-per-Cure in the industry.


Tyre Size Envelope Size
10.00 - 20 46.5 x 18
9.00 - 20 44 x 18.5
7.50 - 16 36.5 x 12
8.25 - 20 40 X 15
8.25 - 16 36.5 X 14
7.00 - 15 36.5 x 12
6.00 - 16 / F78 - 15 33.5 x 12
7.00 - 15 33.5 x 12
5.90 - 15 / 5.20-14 28.5 x 10
5.20 - 14 / 5.65 -13 26.5 x 10
4.50 -12 / 5.65 - 12 24.5 x 10